The Bishop’s Motto is : Ut omnes unum sint : “That all may be one”

The crest is in the shape of a cross. The Mystery of the Cross of Our Lord ( Alpha, the beginning and Omega, the end) embraces all. The boat in the center represents the Church making its way through the rough seas of the world towards God, Our Father. It is guided by the star of Hope, Mary’s star> The sail, in the shape of a mitre, billows in the wind, symbol of the Holy Spirit. The 4 prefectures of Kyoto Diocese are represented by the 4 crosses on the sail, held together by the crozier of the Bishop who sustains God’s people in unity. Written on the hull of the boat are the words of Jesus : Ego sum, nolite temere! “It is I, do not be afraid! ” No matter how arduous our journey from Alpha to Omega may be, let us continue together in unity, with thanksgiving and trust, knowing that Our Lord is always present with us.

Paul Yoshinao OTSUKA
Bishop of Kyoto

(Episcopal Ordination June 15th 1997)